Speaker Events

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We speak to groups about how to work or support autistic individuals in the community such as in School, and or at work. We work in partnership with community leaders to be able to reach everyone so no barriers like language or cultural differences will restrict the flow of information to the families that need it. It also encourages open conversations as well.

Parent workshops

Providing training and workshops enables The Autism Project to carry out our mission. They are based on innovative and emerging theories, interventions, and approaches, and provide parents and professionals the opportunity to gain knowledge that helps them better support the children they parent, care for, or work with and the community surrounding those children.

Join Our Facebook Group

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Join us on our Facebook group page – Autism’s hidden voices to meet other families. By sharing their unique and personal experiences we hope to inform, inspire others whilst breaking the barriers of stigma, misrepresentation and isolation for families. You can follow us on other social media handles to get notifications of our events.

Support and Referrals

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Guiding families and caregivers to information, services, and support

Family Day Trips

 Organised day trips for families will be a great way to socialise with others and learn to overcome their fears. Day trips include theme parks, educational tours for the older kids and family day trips for the families. These are made possible by organisations like the National Lottery Community Fund funding our projects.

Friendship Support Group

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The Support Group for children who are looking for their peers. We try to signpost you to other groups in your area or help you set up one with your friends. 

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