Who We Are?

Our Mission

Raising awareness, providing resources and sharing discussions on the challenges that the Autistic community face everyday in the modern multicultural society.

hands, reaching, offering

Why we are doing what we do.

  • We hope to change the narrative in the discussion of Autism in the community by having discussions on the different perspectives that affect families in their daily struggles such as culture and socio economic factors.
  • Enpowering parents so as to be in control of their child’s needs.
  • Identify gaps and cracks in the systems
  • Breaking down the barriers and stigma associated with families especially in cultural oriented communities which is adding extra layers of difficult in those families assessing services for their families.

What we want to Achieve.

Awareness, the power to connect to others, understanding and acceptance of Autism. We want greater understanding of the abilities and challenges individuals with autism face.

  • Many businesses and public spaces now adapting their services to become more ‘autism friendly’ but there is a still a long way to go for real acceptance and understanding.
  • Such efforts lead to opportunities for individuals with autism to achieve their fullest potential and together with their families, experience a true sense of belonging.